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When it comes to our food, we take pride in making sure the flavor has been fine-tuned to taste delicious. But, on top of that, we want to give you food that will save well for the days to come. We cater a lot of larger events, and that means, you guessed it, leftovers! Some pastas and chicken don't hold well, but Chef Michael has perfected his recipes to not only taste delicious the day of, but also the days after.

We have a number of Butcher Block Specialties as well. Chef Michael has made prime rib hundreds of times, but his green peppercorn crusted prime rib is the very best. A combination of flavors makes the crust truly unique and something that wows an audience. Everyone who has tasted it has said it's some of the best prime rib they've ever had.

Butcher Block Catering shrimp and crab boils are great for private parties. We dump it all on a white table along with a combination of homemade smoked sausage with corn and garlic, steamy crab and shrimp. This and all the other specialties are truly delightful, unique flavors that you'll surely want more of.

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Ciara Johnson

Keystone Law Firm & Wealth Partners

Thank you Butcher Block Catering for the amazing job you did at our picnic. With 250 guests in attendance, you continued to be a big hit, Not only with our team but with our clients! You can bet you’ll hear from us in future event endeavors.

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